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Sending large files anywhere in the world doesn’t need to be hard.
We ensure that your large files are sent securely and efficiently with just a few mouse clicks.

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Digital Pigeon is a file-sharing service for media production and creative businesses that need a fast, robust and professional way to send large files. We’ve built-in multiple industry-specific features, client requests, and options that make file transfers easier and more intuitive.

Want large file delivery to be a simple and pain-free process for you and your clients?

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Simple and intuitive to use

Your peers (our customers) love how easy Digital Pigeon is for them and their clients to use.

Unlike other file-sharing services, your clients don’t need to download any software, create an account or follow complicated instructions to receive files from you.

With the click of a button, they can view previews or download your work, instantly and on any device. Digital Pigeon generates previews from raw and source file formats commonly used by creatives, studios, agencies and marketers.

Easy to send, easy to customise, easy to use.

Simple and intuitive to use

Fastest speeds possible


Fastest speeds possible

Digital Pigeon is powered by the world’s highest performing, cloud-based infrastructure service, Amazon Web Services. This technology allows us to transport your files as fast as your (and your recipients') Internet connection can handle.

With other large file sharing services, you’re susceptible to congestion – much like how a major road gets painfully slow during rush hour. But when you use our professional-grade content delivery network, it’ll feel like you’re driving down a clear highway, no matter what time of day.


Make the most of every touch point

Digital Pigeon is designed to make you look good. Unveil your work to clients with a minimalist, clean presentation that can incorporate your and your clients’ branding.

Client relationships are the backbone of your business, and each touch point is an opportunity to strengthen that rapport. Digital Pigeon provides you with a professional, yet highly personable communication experience.

Make the most of every touch point

Improve your workflow


Improve your workflow

Digital Pigeon comes with features to help you save precious time and improve efficiency.

We’ve made it incredibly simple for your clients to provide feedback right within your files. Our intuitive 'point and click' interface works with all kinds of multimedia files – including video, photographs and audio.

When you combine this with lightning fast transfer speeds and instant media previews, you’ll see a noticeable uplift in productivity.

Intuitive feedback. Faster approvals. Invoices out the door.


Work from anywhere

Share files from anywhere in the world, on any device, in any file format.

Our web-based application comes with a full suite of features and services to get your work to your clients, from anywhere. We also provide downloadable apps for Windows, Mac and iOS. These can help with even faster file transfers.

All your recipients need to view your work is an internet connection. Files can easily be accessed in any modern web browser and on all major devices.

Digital Pigeon gives you the freedom to work flexibly – from anywhere, at any time.

Free as a… pigeon.

Work from anywhere

The world's most trusted servers


The world’s most trusted servers

The IT infrastructure we use, Amazon Web Services, is trusted by software giants, banks and huge corporations around the world.

All of our files are transferred and stored using bank‐grade, SSL encryption. You can also add a password to your uploads as an extra security measure.

So much of business is about trust. With Digital Pigeon, we take security seriously, so that you and your clients can be confident that your files stay safe.


Choose how you share your files

With Digital Pigeon, you and your clients can control who you share your work with, on what platform and how it’s presented.

You can distribute files privately via email with clients and vendors, or publicly using a link (useful when posting on social media and online forums). You can also choose from a number of presentation modes and arrange file order.

Choose your file server region for even faster uploads and downloads. Add password protection and set access expiry dates.

Choose how you share your files

Sending large files is easy and reliable


Sending large files is easy and reliable

Even up until fairly recently, sending big files always felt like a gamble. Would the connection drop out before completion? Will I be waiting forever for the transfer to finish? Is it going to be too difficult? With Digital Pigeon, you don’t have to worry. Our platform is reliable and stable, ensuring that your files arrive at their destination, even when sending hundreds of gigabytes.

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